I Have Created a Monster

I have created a monster.  I’m not saying I’m like Dr. Frankenstein, and have scavenged graveyards, piecing together some monster that is going to try to kill me…because, ew.  

No, what I have created is much, much worse than that.  

Are you ready to see this great beast?  


Yup, the monster I have created is my dog, Cheese.  

Terrifying, itsn’t he?

4 weeks ago, I made a choice to begin this journey of banishing my scale, and focus more on my relationship with God, and spending time with Him.  Letting his view of me affect my own self-worth much more than a stupid number on a scale.

And yes, part of that process was to start spending more time exercising.  And, because my knees and ankle hate me, it seems walking is going to be the exercise of choice.  At least for now.

Also, because Cheese can be an energetic lunatic at times, I decided that it was time for both of us to get into shape.  Physically and spiritually.  Because, Cheese needs Jesus too.  

Cheese is 3.  And I have taken him for walks before.  There was even a point last year when I made a slightly misguided attempt at getting him to run with me.  My knees said “no” even though I really thought it was a fantastic idea. But I will admit that my own failings at regularly exercising kept Cheese from doing the same thing.  So that’s on me.

But I screwed up somewhere.  

Before this year, the longest walk Cheese and I had taken was 3 miles.  Well, our first outing, just over a month ago, we walked 4 miles. He was worn out, but he tackled those 4 miles like a champ.

Ok, this is awesome.  He enjoys going for a walk with me.  I had no idea what I had started.

But knowing that he enjoyed going for walks…between the exercise and the uninterrupted alone time with mommy, he was all for it.

So we kept going…and going…and going…

It has gotten to the point that if I don’t immediately come get him to go for a walk as soon as I get home from school, I’m in trouble.  He starts barking at me to hurry up, and he stares at the house with this judgy little look on his face.

And heaven forbid if my schedule or the weather intercedes and we CAN’T go for a walk.  The world is ending!!!

Well…last week, because I go to a Life Group with a group from my church on Wednesday, there just isn’t enough time to really go for a walk.  Then it rained on Thursday, so again, no walk.

Friday, I get home from school…and the weather is decent.  So I change, and we head out. This is us about what turned out to be half way through our walk.  


I look excited, right?  

Grand total for Friday, just over 6 miles.

Grand total for the weekend, 15 miles.

15 miles!!!  

Cheese is an excellent personal trainer.  And honestly, he really is making it easy for me to want to get out and walk.  There have been days where I just wasn’t feeling it. But knowing he was looking forward to walking made me get out and do it.

And how do I know that Cheese enjoys it so much?  Well…just look at this face…


Pure joy.  Right there.  




So there you have it.

Personal Trainer.  Workout Buddy. Beast.  

I have created a monster.  

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