Sometimes, out of the blue, wonderful things happen.

Yesterday, I had 2 amazing, albeit brief, wonderful conversations.  One with our School Board president. The other with our Superintendent.  I complimented his polka dot tie (because, how can you not compliment a polka dot tie).  And then he told me how he always appreciates how sunny I am.

And then I almost died eating a grape at lunch.

It’s called “balance.”

A weird thing happened on Sunday.  There was an event Sunday evening at church to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of a mission organization that one of my friends works for.  And I’m hanging out, talking to a few of my friends, and I look over to see 2 students across the sanctuary. Let’s just say, I was shocked that these 2 were at church.  Let alone sober. And then something even more weird happened. They purposely walked all the way across the sanctuary, specifically to say hi to me.  

I’m taking it as a positive thing that they were there, even if one of their mothers forced them to go.  But maybe, just maybe, a seed was planted.

I was telling one of my teacher friends about this encounter, and she told me that I should be the one to make the difference for those two kiddos.  

Of course, my initial reaction was “oh heck to the no.”  

I really have no interest in seeking out opportunities that are going to make me pull my hair out.  

But then I keep looking at one of the posters in my classroom, the one that I wrote myself.  The one that says:


Ok God, how exactly am I supposed to do that?  I am NOT equipped to handle such an endeavor.  

But as we know all too well, God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called.  So, this should be interesting.

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