Please. Send. Coffee.

Power outage.

CO2 detector battery dies.

Weird noises in my basement.

The dad makes early morning trip to my house.

Power comes back on.

Check out basement.

Weird noises turn out to be water pump failure.

Make early morning trek to the parents house to get ready for school.

Me: Good morning.  I’d really like to tell you I’m happy to see you.  But I’m not.

Mom: I’m not happy to see you either.

So that’s how my morning got kicked off.  And even though I really am not a fan of how my morning started, I’m not grouchy.  Because I can see God working through the entire morning.  If my power hadn’t went off, and the CO2 detectors battery wouldn’t have died, my dad wouldn’t have been at my house when the power came back on, only to realize that my water pump had already died.

And to be honest, there is some family drama going on this week with my dad’s sister and her husband, who I refuse to call my aunt and uncle.  Because they certainly don’t act like it.  So maybe all of this is a way to get my dad’s mind off of the stuff going on.  Maybe.

But as I walked into the kitchen at my parents house, my dad commented on my dress.  It’s a nice looking dress.  One that I have often hesitated wearing to school because I didn’t want to feel too dressed up.  Well, I have all of these nice clothes, so I am wearing them this year.  And as I told the dad, just because my day got a less than stellar start, doesn’t mean I have to take that to school with me.  No matter what is going on in my own personal life, the kids I work with deserve the best possible me I can give them.

So, here I am.  Getting ready to start my day.  With a smile on my face.

But seriously, send coffee.  I’m exhausted.

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